Master Student

Students of the Masters Program in Neuroscience – University of Geneva

We have several openings for undergraduate students from the Neuroscience program interested in systems neuroscience, in particular in the role of frontal cortex circuits in decision making and learning. Students will learn how to use the latest two-photon imaging tools together with optogenetic manipulations in behaving mice to dissect the neuronal circuits involved in voluntary movements and motor learning. Candidates currently studying biology or related fields such as engineering, mathematics or physics are encouraged to apply. Good programming skills, steady hands, and a strong analytical background are important. Successful candidates can subsequently apply to join the local neuroscience graduate program organized by the University of Geneva, the University of Lausanne and the EPFL. This program offers an excellent choice of practical and theoretical courses covering topics ranging from behavioral neuroscience to molecular, cellular, cognitive, and computational neuroscience (

Send your inquiries or questions to Daniel.Huber(a)

Prof. Daniel Huber
Department for Basic Neuroscience
University of Geneva
CMU, Rue Michel Servet 1
1211 Genève